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This is only a request for registration. You request must be approved by the college before you are registered. Only students who have already been admitted and have a student id may register for classes. Please check your myICCI.com email account for confirmation of your approved registration

Please have your advising session with Melisa Hamilton or Dr. Anthony Husemann prior to registering for classes to ensure that you are selecting the correct courses.

Fall 2014-Important Dates to Remember

Priority Registration: 2014-06-27
General Registration: 2014-8-25
Orientation: 2014-09-23
Classes Begin: 2014-09-29
Late Registration: 2014-09-22
Last day to Drop a Class: 2014-11-14
Classes End: 2014-12-11
Final Exams: 2014-12-09
Quarter Ends: 2014-12-11
Comprehensive Examination: 2014-12-12

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The College reserves the right to modify the class offerings You should fill out only one (1) registration form. To select By/Exam courses or odd credit hour courses, you must use the Class Add/Drop form. To make changes you should use the Class Add/Drop Form.

Monday/Wednesday 5:30pm-7:50pm
Monday/Wednesday 7:50pm-10:05pm
Tuesday/Thursday 5:30pm-7:50pm
Tuesday/Thursday 7:50pm-10:05pm
International Seminars.
You must register and be approved for the seminar prior to the 1st meeting scheduled on 2014-09-25 7pm
Other Course/s (ie Special Topics, Internships/Placements) The Internship/Placement class application must be received by 2014-09-25 6pm at the 1st meeting.
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Once this form is completed and you hit the submit key, it will be sent to ICCI for processing. Invoices may be mailed to your MYICCI email account or distributed during week 2 of the quarter. Until you have paid or made approved financial arrangements with ICCI, you are not registered for class/es. If you sign up for a class with a pre-requisite and have not taken the pre-requisite, you will be dropped from the class. Please be certain you have met the requirements for a course as explained in the college catalog.

This is only a request for registration. Your request must be approved by the college before you are registered. Please check your myICCI.com email account for confirmation of your approved registration.

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Please contact the Registrar at registrar@myicci.com or 345-947-1100 with any questions.